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Search for events by keywords, locations, categories or dates. Alternatively you may browse through the Events below. Click an event to request registration. All requests for registration will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified soon.

NOTE: When registering for open-ended events only, please decide on your volunteering times with the organization directly instead of going off of the dates and times listed on the calendar. This applies only for open-ended events. 

If a contact number or email address is provided in the event description, please enroll for the event AND contact the organization directly. 

You must be registered user to enroll for events. Register or Login to enroll for events.

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Event StartEvent EndTitleCategoryLocation
7/11/2015 10:00 AM Recurring Event: until 10/10/2015 (total 106 events) Sammamish Native Plant Steward Open Ended Sammamish, WA
7/6/2015 3:30 PM 7/6/2015 5:30 PM Recurring Event: until 10/19/2015 (total 157 events) Rental Equipment Specialist Long Term Bellevue, WA
7/6/2015 2:30 PM 7/6/2015 3:30 PM Recurring Event: until 10/21/2015 (total 315 events) Highland Center Reception Assistant Long Term Bellevue, WA
3/10/2015 9/10/2015 Kelsey Creek Farm Summer Volunteer Open Ended Bellevue, WA
10/30/2014 8:00 PM 10/30/2016 8:30 PM Senior Programs and Youth Recreation Open Ended Kirkland, WA
10/30/2014 8:00 PM 10/30/2016 8:30 PM City Hall Front Reception Assistants Open Ended Kirkland, WA
10/30/2014 8:00 PM 10/30/2016 8:30 PM Office Assistant Open Ended Kirkland, WA
10/30/2014 8:00 PM 10/30/2016 8:30 PM Community Emergency Response Team Open Ended Kirkland, WA
10/30/2014 8:00 PM 10/30/2016 8:30 PM Fire Corps Open Ended Kirkland, WA
10/30/2014 8:00 PM 10/30/2016 8:30 PM Amateur Radio Emergency Service Open Ended Kirkland, WA
10/30/2014 7:30 PM 10/30/2016 8:00 PM Kirkland Speed Watch Open Ended Kirkland, WA
10/30/2014 10/30/2016 Kirland Police Youth Explorers Open Ended Kirkland, WA
10/26/2014 10/26/2015 North Bellevue Community Center Host Open Ended Bellevue, WA
10/26/2014 10/26/2016 North Bellevue Community Center Meal Preparer Open Ended Bellevue, WA
10/26/2014 3/10/2016 North Bellevue Community Center Front Desk Reception Open Ended Bellevue, WA
10/24/2014 10/12/2015 Highland Center Recreation Assistant Open Ended Bellevue, WA

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Linking Opportunity is a non-profit organization that can provide this service only through support.  If you believe in this cause and would like to help out, please open your heart and send us your donations.  No amount is too small or big.  Thank you for your continued support.
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